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Buying cupboard in Komandor

It is always interesting to choose and purchase new furniture. You can visit different shops, wondering, imagining the furniture you admired inside your apartment; you feel excited thinking about furnishing your flat or searching for the ideal you saw in your dreams. But there is one big trouble: on the production enterprises typical furniture is manufactured in large amounts, and they do not take into account the tastes of each customer. Often your needs and wishes are simply ignored. In addition, among the serial furniture you can rarely meet variant which you would like to buy immediately. You may like the design, but the size of the furniture would not be appropriate. Or you find what you were looking for, but then you feel frustrated seeing in your neighbors or friends apartment the same wardrobe as yours.  Surely, you will have these problems buying standard furniture. But when you buy furniture on order you will be lucky to avoid such complications.

Advantages of the furniture from Komandor Company: freedom to choose Julija Koshtovska /Designer/

When you buy Komandor Company furniture you have no doubts concerning the design, size, shape, functionality and other specifications. You feel absolutely free looking for the cabinet furniture made on order, you choose the type of the wardrobe according to your tastes and desires: it can be high or low, corner or front, with the bright fashionable or restrained classical design. Internal content of the product is also chosen according to the needs and wishes of the client. Number of shelves, drawers, hangers and other elements of the interior furniture space is defined individually.

Our customer can choose absolutely everything according to his own taste, even the screws that fasten together the furniture components. The client will see the samples of the materials, accessories, mechanisms, possible decoration variants. The size and configuration of the furniture made on order are determined exactly on the place, in the customer’s house, where at the first stage of agreement comes our designer. He comes according to the previous arrangement, at time, convenient for the customer, and in his bag he has as the samples of the materials, but also the laptop with the company’s program for creation the furniture in 3D format for better visualization.

Our designer has the next task: to discuss with the client the place where the furniture should be installed, to make all the necessary measurements, to design the furniture in 3D- format or to correct previously created in the workshop project, to appoint the time of furniture installation and to prepare the agreement and the bill with the total price. Thus, for example, the wardrobe can be installed at any available space, even if it is characterized by atypical architectural lines. It may be installed in a niche in the wall or in the place under the stairs, in a long and narrow corridor, on the balcony, in an awkward corner of the small bedroom or kitchen. For every task our specialists will find the best solution.

There are no hidden “unpredictable” fees in Komandor Company : the price of the project specified in the agreement is final and it doesn’t change. If someone says you “we have forgotten to count something", some certain additional services, so you obviously are dealing with the fake company. Oleksiy Kashpurenko /Head of the Information Department/

Having ordered the furniture to be produced, please, try to be patient. This desired comfort along with the new interior will not appear at your home immediately. The minimum duration of the simple design performance is up to 5 days. And if the project is rather complex, moreover, you have ordered not the only one, but several items, the furniture will be ready no sooner than in 2-3 weeks. Going to the studio for sewing some dresses or suits you understand that you can’t demand your fashion designer clothing to be done immediately. A similar story is with the furniture: it may take a while.

But when you have your order delivered to your house, you realize that it was worth it! This luxurious design, original style and high quality furniture are very rarely seen nowadays. In addition, you get from the Komandor Company the warranty document for all the ordered products: for different items the warranty may vary, but for all the wardrobes, dressing rooms and partitions we give at least 5 years warranty.

Quality furniture made on order will be the best decoration of your house. The high quality furniture can serve you for many years, and it doesn’t require any special attention, repair or restoration, no special care. And at the same time it remains as beautiful, original and fabulous as in the day of delivery.

We are proud to offer you a product of the European level and quality, made in Ukraine. Olga Mytrukhina /Marketing/

Every piece of furniture is really durable and is designed according to the precisely checked instructions, at the same time every structural element is tested under the various climate conditions. We make safe furniture using environmentally friendly materials. We take into consideration and implement into reality ideas and dreams of our customers.

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