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Komandor Company History: from a small company to a global leader

Jacek Kozlovski

Komandor Company is a leading manufacturer of sliding systems, facilities furnishing systems and elements of inner filling. Company assortment includes 14 types of systems (aluminum/steel) for wardrobes - compartments, interior partitions, dressing rooms. 3 modern installation systems (column, rod, Aurora partitions system) and a collection of accessories. Products of TM Komandor are widely used for decorating apartments, houses, hotels or offices, helping to fill the space with maximum functionally, in stylish and original way. Sophisticated, elegant, modern design and safe materials are the main principles that guide Komandor team in the process of every product creation.

All the company products are made from raw materials of the highest quality, what has been repeatedly confirmed by the numerous certificates and awards. Years of experience, continuous improvement of assortment and methods of business organization plus advanced technologies enabled Komandor company to become a confident leader in the furniture industry and to gain the trust of customers all around the world.

The main goal of Komandor company is creation of products of the highest quality that would meet the needs of the most demanding customers and to satisfy all the expectations of the clients.

History of Komandor Company dates back to 1992 – the date, which became the starting point of a new era in the field of furniture production and facilities furnishing. Although the idea of creating a company originated in 1986 but only in 1992 Jacek Kozlowski founded a small company that was situated in his own garage and its only activity at that time was only sale.

And slowly, step by step, the company has become a manufacturer of sliding systems with a worldwide reputation. At the same time with the increasing of production capacity of the company its location had also changed.


For today Komador company is an owner of modern enterprise in Radom (Poland), equipped with the latest machinery and fully automated. There are design, information, marketing and other departments in the company, we cooperate with numerous business partners in Poland and abroad.

Now it is hard to imagine a modern house without such a furniture as wardrobe-compartment or dressing room. But in the early 90s the picture was somewhat different. Therefore, one of the most difficult challenges that we faced at that time was the elimination from the houses different furniture wall units and  two-, and three-door cabinets, popular since the middle of the last century. Continuous  monitoring and analysis of the market have shown the need in creation and implementation of an innovative product. There was a so-called revolution in the field of furnishing dwellings, which has completely changed the conception of the interior. Old-fashioned, outdated, impractical and cumbersome cabinets were thrown into the garbage because wardrobes-compartments appeared, modern, aesthetic and multipurpose constructions that made it possible to optimally and efficiently fill the space. At first it was a novelty, but eventually wardrobes-compartments took their place in most homes, and demand for such furniture is constantly growing. This, in turn, gave us an impulse to create one main network of Komandor Company salons and Komandor accessories centers in Poland, and later the company was introduced on the international market.

A lot of people are interested in the name of the company and its logo. How did it appear? Perhaps it's time to take off that mysterious veil. :-) According to the founder J.Kozlovski, it was quite easy. We needed a name that would be easy to remember and at the same time it had to possess the leadership qualitiess of the company. According to translation from Polish, Komandor – is the commander of the army, it means a guide and a leader. The combination of white and red colors is taken from the Polish national flag, blue is the color of the sky, the maple leaf is a symbol of Canada (in this country appeared at first an idea to found the company) and a globe means strategic plans to enter the international market, and global spreading of brand Komandor.

Almost simultaneously with the development of the company in Poland we gradually started building a network beyond the borders (the first expositions were opened in Eastern Europe in half a year after the founding of the company). Appearance of TM Komandor on each regional market has its own peculiarities, because adjusting of production and building of networks was not always easy. Very often a lot of obstacles arose on our way, for example: problems with transportation, bureaucratic mechanisms in the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States, the unstable political and economic situation in some countries in East and so on. But  thanks to the efforts of dozens of people interested in developing of brand Komandor, and due to the implementation of organizational business model in economic activity of the furniture companies, we managed to achieve the desired results. Year by year Komandor logo began to appear on the markets of Europe, the Baltic, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East. During 20 years we managed to make a lot of friends and to get reliable partnerships - and now the official representative offices of Komandor are present in countries like Canada, Brazil, Spain, Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, New Zealand, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, India, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and others.

Throughout its 20-year history, the company has demonstrated that it can be competitive in all the regions of the world, despite the special demands of certain markets, the specific political and social order, or global economic crisis.

On Ukrainian market Komandor Company appeared in the mid 90s of last century. During this time we managed to build an extensive network of authorized representative offices of the company. Today in Ukraine there are 14 branded salons Komandor, 6 accessories plants in Lviv, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattya, Dnipropetrovsk and Zhytomyr regions, 2 distribution centers in Lviv and Kyiv. Each authorized salon and exposition Komandor responds high company standards, which are aimed at providing of uncompromising product quality and professional and competent service.

To the main achievements during the years of the company Komandor existence we can undoubtedly refer the fact that we  have worked up the reputation and got trust of customers. The reasons are numerous: the dedication of all those people who began career with Komandor and/or are working there now; continuous investment in product quality and innovative technology solutions. Qualification, creativity, fresh ideas and extraordinary effort – it all has not gone in vain and allowed the company to win Komandor reputation as a leader in its field. The company is proud of its achievements: workers, professionals, a broad product range, wide dealer's network in many countries of the world, and of receiving a large number of honors and awards, including the quality certificate ISO 9001:2000 in November 2002, the organization of a successful business model and worldwide recognition of brand Komandor. We should mention one more thing and our company innovation – program for design and business control Designer, which is all - in -one complex solution of several problems at one time: it allows users to create and visually demonstrate graphical projection of a wardrobe-compartment, dressing room or partition, to make changes at any stage, depending on the wishes of customers, to ensure optimal raw materials division in order to keep the price of furnishing project unchangeable and to automatically control the project on various stages of production.

20 years it is a long period of time in the history of each company, and time enough to determine whether your efforts were vain or not, whether goals were achieved and to understand what is the future of this company. Now we can say with confidence that Komandor Company passed the time test and the mark is "EXCELLENT!" It allows us to be optimistic about the future of the company, to outline future prospects for development and to hope that soon the map of Europe and the world  will be covered by TM Komandor labels.

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