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Unconventional Partitions

Apartments design, furniture and accessories are changed and improved over the time, and offered to the consumer in combination of "comfort and style". Interior partitions have become one of the top element in the modern dwelling design. Having appeared on the market long ago, partitions became the common attribute of small apartments and offices. But fashion is not standing on one place and it dictates own new rules, so on the market more and more often appear unusual, unconventional partitions of irregular shape and configuration.

The latest trend in furnishing the rooms is installation of the radial interior partitions. Smooth lines, unexpected implementation and simplicity of form make your house really stylish. Partition radius can be chosen according to the room size or features which new unconventional partition should perform. Such construction is attached to the floor and ceiling, if possible it is fastened to the wall. It looks quite light and airy, but at the same time it is very strong. Variety of decorations and diverse design will please even very demanding customer.

Interior partitions in the form of "accordion" has long been one of the most favorite type of partitions among the owners of small apartments. Ability to slide and occupy minimal space makes such partitions necessary in multi-functional rooms, when you have a living room and in a second you transform it  into the bedroom and an office. Such walls are attached to the rails which are installed on the floor, walls or ceiling. Very important thing is to choose really good reliable accessories for mounting the construction, and then your "accordion" will serve you for a long period of time.

Multipurpose things have always been in fashion, thus the combination of the interior partition and a wardrobe is really interesting and correct decision. From one side you have a wall, from the other, for example, bookshelves, making your partition useful item in furnishing of your room. In fact, there can be different combinations, ranging from solid cross shelves in high-tech style to a convenient place for your TV. The assortment of materials will help to choose the most appropriate to the style of the room, and the functionality of the product will help in saving needed "square meters".

Despite the interior partitions unconventional appearance and usage, they are suitable for any room : children room, living room, dining room, etc. But if you want to make the right choice you may consult an expert from Komandor company in order to put all the problems connected with the installation of the partition on the shoulders of professionals from our team and you will have simply to enjoy your new acquisition in your fashionable house.

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