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Presentation of Komandor Walls project

Presentation of Komandor Walls project

We are glad to present you the new direction of the company – innovative partition systems Komandor Walls, which allow to quickly and functionally divide the premises. New products include several series that differ by installation features, insert and exploitation characteristics. Let’s consider each model of partitions more attentively:

  •  MAW110 – basic mobile partitions, which allow you to quickly divide the room in any way, and if necessary, to unite the space again. The basis of the construction is an aluminum frame and a filling up to 18 mm in thickness. The system is supplemented with spatial mechanisms, soundproofing materials and mounting fasteners.
  • MAW110Е – automated mobile partitions, which, according to the specifications and constituent elements, repeat the base system. The only difference is the built-in mechanism for automatic pushing of the spatial elements, what significantly accelerates the process of the partitions folding and unfolding.
  • MAW110G – mobile partitions with glass inserts. The special structure of the system allows to combine filling in the panels with the various decorations and large glass surfaces, what gives the room a special elegance. Compatible with MAW110 system.
  • MAW48 – glass portable partitions, which pass well the daylight and give the room a visual lightness and a special charm. Transparent and frosted glass can be used as a filling.
  • TAW110 – basic partition walls, characterized by durability and reliability. Could be fastened to the floor and ceiling, allowing to separate the room without additional construction work.
  • TAW110G – partition walls with glass inserts. An excellent solution for offices and public buildings, where a large number of rooms with good lighting and noise insulation is required.
  • TAW110D – double glass partitions that optically increase the room and add lightness to it. It is possible to connect the panels at angles of 90 and 45 degrees and to combine with the base system and partitions with glass inserts.

Each of the listed systems will become a modern and practical solution for the organization of an office space, public buildings, training centers, medical facilities and fitness studios. All products are made of high quality materials and have wide functional capabilities. Among the main advantages of partitions are sound insulation, fire resistance and ease repositioning of the room. We invite you to have a look at the detailed technical information and visualizations of the finished projects on the website

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