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  • Bespoke Furniture

    У цьому каталозі представлено актуальні інтер’єрні рішення, що характеризуються практичністю та ергономікою, сучасною колористикою та стилістикою. Для вас ми зібрали найновіші матеріали, декори, аксесуари і об’єднали їх у колекції меблів для дому. Усі наші продукти об’єднує універсальність: ви зможете їх допасувати до будь-якого приміщення і створити неперевершений інтер’єр.


  • Interiors Album 2015

    In this album you will find colorful projects of wardrobes - compartments, dressing rooms and mounted Komandor furniture, successfully combined with the actual interior design. Innovative designer's ideas, functional constructions and revolutionary approaches will give you a new vision of the modern interior

  • Interior Furnishing Systems 2015

  • Interiors Album

    We present you the new great Album of Interiors from Komandor 2010. Here you can find as traditional, verified by time and our clients, so the newest products of Komandor SA. Samples of wardrobes, closets and cloak-rooms, partition walls in modern buildings are presented in this album. For you our stylish and unique design solutions.

  • System of Partition Walls AURORA

    In modern architecture glass and aluminum are materials often used by designers and architects, also these materials are popular among the customers. An actual trend nowadays is the necessity to divide bigger space into smaller areas due to the transparent walls. In this case we create a visual impression of space and at the same time divide the room. Glass is the compulsory attribute of any modern interior, regardless of whether it is living room, office, shop or salon. Use of partition walls AURORA will give your room a new style, light, air and spaciousness.

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