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  • Interior furnishing systems catalogue 2019

    All KOMANDOR systems and accessories in 2019. The whole range is divided into convenient categories, which will make it easy to find the necessary accessories for sliding, folding, suspended, coplanar, folding-mobile, attic doors and arrangement of dressing rooms

  • Bespoke Furniture

    Topical interior solutions, characterized by practicality and ergonomics, modern coloring and stylistics, are presented in this catalogue. We have chosen the latest materials, decor, and accessories especially for you, and combined all these things into a collection of home furniture. The main feature of all above mentioned things is versatility: you can easily fit them to any room and create a unique and perfect interior


  • Interiors Album 2015

    In this album you will find colorful projects of wardrobes - compartments, dressing rooms and mounted Komandor furniture, successfully combined with the actual interior design. Innovative designer's ideas, functional constructions and revolutionary approaches will give you a new vision of the modern interior

  • Interiors Album

    We present you the new great Album of Interiors from Komandor 2010. Here you can find as traditional, verified by time and our clients, so the newest products of Komandor SA. Samples of wardrobes, closets and cloak-rooms, partition walls in modern buildings are presented in this album. For you our stylish and unique design solutions.

Useful tips on the best organization of the wardrobe inner space

Wardrobe ergonomics

There are many options of the wardrobe inside space organization, but we know how to design your cabinet in the most functional way. In this article we share with you the basic principles of optimum internal space organization of your wardrobe-compartment.

  • Sliding doors take up about 10 cm of the wardrobe depth, at the same time saving a lot of inner space, unlike the cabinet with the conventional stripping doors.
  • The width of the door should vary in the range of 60-120 cm and coincide with the internal division on the cabinet sections - thus the best access to the construction content is achieved.
  • The depth of the space allocated to accommodate clothing should be 55-60 cm, so sliding door did not affect the clothes on hangers.
  • The cabinet can have one or two side walls or side strips 9.5 cm thick.
  • The use of interior accessories wardrobe improves comfort of use and increases its functionality.

List of the wardrobe-compartment interior accessories aiming to help keeping of your things in the most convenient and compact way:


Wire basket, low , 16х40,50,60 cm


Wire basket, high , 32х40,50,60 cm


Shelf for shoes, 80, 100, 120 cm


Laundry basket, 50х50х50 cm


Hanger for ties and belts, 14х50х5,5 cm


Wire basket, chrome, 140х40,50,60 cm


Hanger for pants


Shelf for shoes, chrome, 60х50х19 cm


Pantograph, width — 45-115 cm


Iron holder, chrome, 31х19 cm


Vacuum cleaner pipe holder, chrome, 31х30 cm


Cross hanger, chrome, 55х140 cm, depth — 40, 50 cm


Stand for footwear chrome, 60х50х32 cm

Clothes hangers

The optimum height at which it is necessary to install pipes for clothes on hangers depends on the kind of garments that you plan to place and is as follows:

  • 100 cm — shirts, pants, sweaters;
  • 120 cm — skirts, short dresses, coats, jackets;
  • 170 cm — long dresses, raincoats, overcoats, outerwear.

The maximum length of the rod for garments on hangers — 120 cm.


The distance between the shelves for clothing — 25-38 cm. Medium shelf, located at an altitude of view, may have the smaller distance between them than those that are above and below. This is due to the fact that on the extreme upper and lower shelves usually are kept rarely used items such as suitcases, travel bags, shoe boxes, blankets and other things. Distances between the shelves for shoes: height — 45 cm (women's shoes), 30 cm (men's shoes), 17-20 cm (other shoes); width — 25 cm; length — about 38 cm.


Recommended width of the drawer - up to 80 cm, height — 10-25 cm.

Appliances and other household items storage

The optimal width for the ironing board partitions and/or vacuum cleaner is 25-40 cm — depending on the size of the appliances.

Retractable hanger for ties and belts

3-hook holder for household items

Ironing board Ironfix

Hanger for pants

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