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Wardrobe space measurements

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Interior furnishing systems catalogue

In the updated catalogue you will find new actual list of KOMANDOR systems and accessories. The whole assortment is divided into convenient categories, what makes possible to easily find the necessary components for sliding, slanted, hanging, coplanar, folding, and attic doors and walk-in wardrobes arrangement

KOMANDOR Novelties 2017

In the Novelties album we represent you all the KOMANDOR company innovative systems and accessories, which will help you to arrange your interior stylishly and exclusively. Every detail of your dwelling will be well thought out and functional. As always, all the KOMANDOR novelties are created taking into account modern trends and needs of the customer

Bespoke Furniture

Topical interior solutions, characterized by practicality and ergonomics, modern coloring and stylistics, are presented in this catalogue. We have chosen the latest materials, decor, and accessories especially for you, and combined all these things into a collection of home furniture. The main feature of all above mentioned things is versatility: you can easily fit them to any room and create a unique and perfect interior


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