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KOMANDOR Identification

As we want to protect our customers from counterfeiting and fraud of doubtful furniture manufacturers, we have developed a method of KOMANDOR identification – some features that will help you to determine the authenticity of KOMANDOR products.

You are dealing with the real ТМ Komandor products when:

  • there is a label with the name and logo of the company KOMANDOR on the walk-in wardrobe doors; there is the stamping with the name and logo of the company KOMANDOR on the conjunction elements of the rod dressing room system;
  • KOMANDOR logo on the rollers;
  • there is a protective foil that is glued during production on our profiles;
  • warranty on Komandor products minimum for 5 years;
  • when ordering furniture you make a written contract where the date and document number, company name, product description and its components are mentioned; its full value and amount of previous payment, terms, date of the project assembling, peculiarities of the product care, the warranty and details of the warranty service;
  • workers from the assembly team are dressed in branded clothing;
  • ordered products are delivered to your branded house in the branded cars Komandor (with the logo and company name);
  • network of the company-manufacturer of the furniture includes a permanent office, salon (exposition) for showing samples of the wardrobes, partitions, dressing-rooms, etc.., has KOMANDOR authorization and provides a written guarantee on manufactured products.

To understand better the features of products will help you Komandor specially designed icons.

Komandor icons:

long-term use

5 year warranty

original product

certified products

environmental friendly raw materials

safe materials

natural raw materials

corrosion resistance


automatic closure

opens when you press

suitability for heavy loads

"soft-closing" system

does not fall off the rails

hidden rollers

smooth surface, without thresholds

resistance to damage



quiet work

adapted for use by people with disabilities

absence of visible structural components

glossy glass

frosted glass

wide doors

turned on while moving

turn on the touch

led lighting

lighting the inside of the drawer

complete advancement

aesthetics and practicality

We do emphasize that only when you refer to our official representatives – authorized salons and expositions – you will get an appropriate level of service and certified products with the appropriate warranty. Making an order in KOMANDOR network, you get manufacturing of the products on branded furniture plants and installation of them according to the skilled specialist's instructions.

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