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Production particularities

For many of us it is important to know how this or that product is manufactured. When we know the technical features and details of the product creation process, we can be confident in the product quality. That is why we would like to tell you about the production process at the Komandor company.

Accessories for the company are manufactured in Radom city on modern plant equipped with the newest in the field of furniture industry machines. All the raw materials before delivering to production facilities are precisely selected and controlled. So all Komandor systems are produced from the highest quality aluminum and steel alloys which are processed using the advanced technologies for longer maintenance and keeping the product properties and nice look.

Aluminium systems

Agat system

Heliodor system

Lazuryt system

Onyx system

Szafir system

Opal system

Topaz system

Accessories for aluminum systems are made using the method of anodizing based on the chemical process of electrolysis. Due to such processing technology on the surface of the aluminum detail the oxid film appears - special protective layer that prevents metal corrosion and also provides aesthetic appearance of the processed detail.

Thickness of the anodized coating on the profiles is about 18-20 microns because such parameters allow products maintenance even outside the house, as this coating makes the surface resistant to damage, dirt and atmosphere influence.

After anodizing the detail becomes of beautiful silvery-metallic color and can be painted quite easily in order to get the desired shade. Imitation of the tree structure on the profile is achieved by decorating it with the special film of the corresponding color.

​Interesting facts about Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most common chemical elements on the planet (the third - after oxygen and silicon), and the most widespread metal on the Earth because sphere of its usage is very wide. Wherever we look - we are surrounded by various objects made of aluminum. It is used in housebuilding and automobile engineering, as well as for the production of different home appliances, mechanisms, various devices and equipment, packaging materials, cables, furniture. This metal has one more important feature - it is perfectly well combined with the different materials: glass, mirror, wood, plastic, stone and more.  Due to this feature aluminum products ideally fit into any interior. There are some more useful properties of Aluminum: it does not burn, does not evaporate harmful fumes, toxic substances, does not accumulate dust, it is resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations, formation of spots and mechanical damages. In addition it is rather strong and easy in processing. Taking into consideration listed characteristics of aluminum and the technology of profiles production on Komandor plant in Radom city you can be confident that every product of Komandor TM (wardrobe-compartment or interior partition, dressing room or kitchen) will serve you for years.

Steel systems

Standard systems

Magnetyt system

Lux system

Structural elements of steel systems such as profiles and rails are made of high quality steel stripes using cold rolling technology ("Cold flatting"), and this technology is almost waste-free, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The essence of this method lies in the metal processing by pressing with the rotating rollers of the mill, and the result of this process is that steel billet becomes suitable for further processing and gets nice appearance, becomes thin and obtains remarkable physical properties.

After such specific processing steel sheet gets the needed shape according to the type of system. There are several production lines launched on Komandor plant in Radom city, what allows us to produce accessories and needed components according to the current needs and without delays.

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