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Our little secrets’, on how to eliminate the mess in the entrance hall. Multifunctional wardrobe-compartment

You step on the threshold of the house and what is the visitor is going to see at the moment of entering your house? Usually, it will be an entrance hall of your home looking at which the guest can evaluate the nature, tastes and even social status of the owner. So, even if you are really busy, you should keep everything, even the interior of your hall clean and in an appropriate order. And you should start the process of care, about your hall and things in it at the stage of choosing your furniture.

By the way, if you buy a spacious and stylish wardrobe for the hall, you can immediately kill two birds with one stone: you will decorate the interior of the room and you will free it from all sorts of stuff, clothes and shoes, which are usually piled up at the entrance. So, there's only one little thing left – where to find a wardrobe for the hall which would meet all the stated requirements.Today, there is quite a wide range of such cabinet furniture focused on the halls. You can find all kinds of furniture sets and separate wardrobes, equipped with the necessary set of niches, hangers, shelves and drawers. Functional wardrobe in the hall – it is the best decision without disadvantages.

Since there are various kinds of wardrobes, you can choose a model which will suit perfectly to the interior and architecture of your room. The most important parameters you must remember about while buying the furniture are: shape, size, design and inside filling.

You should decide beforehand what kind of wardrobe-compartment you would like to have. Must it be built -in or standing alone, rectangular or corner? So at the moment of entering the shop you should know perfectly well what you are going to buy. If there is enough space in the hall to mount the cabinet furniture, you can choose the frontal type with the mirror façade. Chic furniture will become a visual center of the hall and will highlight the sophistication and style of the interior. Also it will become possible to hide behind the convenient sliding doors everything not intended for the public eyes. In small-sized halls usually built-in models are installed. Built-in wardrobe in the hall is practically a part of the room architecture. Walls, floor and ceiling of the room are often used as parts of the wardrobes. So this kind of furniture can’t be bought off the shelf but is usually ordered from the manufacturer. Individual production helps to fit the size and shape of the furniture to the peculiarities of the hall, consider the different nuances and suggestions regarding the inside filling of the wardrobe-compartment. Creating of the furniture on order is the process interesting, creative, and it takes place in close collaboration of the Komandor furniture company designers, masters, and directly the customers, who can independently determine all the options of the future construction.

Design and color of the wardrobe –compartment for the hall is no of less importance than its form, inside "filling" or size. Facade of the wardrobe can be of different color and design; everything depends on the taste and desires of the customer. Compartment doors are decorated with the superior fine wood veneer or with carved, glass or mirror inserts; they can even be covered with leather or be completely mirrored. While choosing the furniture design and color you should remember that dark colors visually reduce the space, and light colors, on the contrary, increase it. So for a little entrance hall would be appropriate to order Komandor wardrobe-compartment made of light wood (or its perfect imitation).

The main advantages of the compartment cabinet are its compactness and spaciousness at the same time – the features which are hardly combined in one design. This is achieved by a wonderful combination of a competent and well thought out choice of the cabinet "stuffing", which can consist of open and closed shelves of different depths, drawers, hangers, rods, bars, baskets, containers, and other elements that increase the spaciousness and functionality of the furniture. Due to the quality and precision-fit inside filling a great amount of staff – such as shoes, coats, hats, every little thing such as gloves, handbags, wallets and other accessories can be put in the hall wardrobe –compartment. In addition, in the design of the wardrobe can be included a spacious niche, where you can hide your ironing board, bulky vacuum cleaner, or golf clubs. Frankly speaking, spacious wardrobe – compartment can successfully replace a closet and you will be able to keep all things in a perfect order. Such wardrobe will enable you to find easily a thing you need whenever you need it. And, of course, it will make your hall more stylish, comfortable and modern, so visitors will stop at this cozy place at the entrance, and will appreciate the magnificent interior.

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