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Innovative system of partitions made of glass and aluminum, which gives the impression of space and weightlessness and its extremely popular among the leading architects and designers

Base of this system consists of the constructions
made of the aluminum profiles and whole panels
made from safety glass

Panels are made of tempered glass
with the thickness of 4-6 mm.
This ensures durability and safety of partitions
in everyday use

In case of panel damage broken glass will not injure people, because the fragments do not have sharp edges

Glass is an indispensable material in the present arrangement of private homes and offices. It is difficult to imagine a modern interior without glass or glass panels.

Increasingly popular becomes the arrangement of office space with transparent partitions, giving a visual impression of spaciousness

Aurora system is designed in such way that partitions are installed due to the connection of the ceiling with the floor without additional construction and installation work

Structural features of Aurora system increase the functionality of the room and allow to use the given space as much as possible

  • The panels are attached to the mainstay (ceiling, floor, walls) and are installed anywhere

  • Partitions can be stationary and sliding
  • Partitions can be connected at different angles

Maximum size of a single panel

If required by the room construction every 4 panels are connected by the constructional column

System of independent connections between the partitions allows to change easily the damaged

Partitions can be mounted
in areas with the false ceiling

The installation is possible because of the holders that provide
a strong and secure attachment of the upper profiles

Aurora system can be installed in the rooms with the uneven walls because of the special profile

The combination of glass panels and the supporting aluminum elements makes the construction tough, endurable and resistant to mechanical damages. Aurora system looks good and requires minimum care costs

Doors in partitions Aurora
can be:

maximum width
of 110 cm

60-90 cm

On the facade of the pivoting doors inserts can be combined or separation can be done using a special connection profile

Additionally the handle and the lock
can be installed in the doors

Types of handles

It is possible to install
switches and electrical sockets in profiles of Aurora system

If necessary, transparent glass can be closed with shutters

The system is characterized by good sound insulation and resistance to temperature changes

Aurora system is available in the color
Anode Natural (AN)

Partitions Aurora would be appropriate while furnishing of office space, where there is a need in area separation into smaller segments:

separate offices and rooms for common usage

reception, lounges, conference-halls, utility rooms, individual offices or cabinets for several employees

This option is perfect for banks, insurance companies, government organizations, where there is a need for the client to be served individually

Constructions of Aurora system allow employees to feel the rhythm of the working process and to be involved in a common business without being distracted
by the other objects and noise

Aurora system is mostly chosen by chiefs of different enterprises and departments, because they want to observe the dynamics of the working process and they are trying to demonstrate their openness and unity with the team

Partitions Aurora is really interesting option for the dwellings

With their help it is possible to divide the room into zones or arrange separate rooms

Aurora system is appropriate in apartments of the "loft" style, which becomes more and more popular day by day

It will be actual to use Aurora system for penthouses with panoramic windows: grandeur of vast landscapes from the windows and visual increase of space inside the apartment will surely impress you

Sliding partitions it is an innovative approach to the interior design in modern hotels: apartments, studios, hotels, hotels-skyscrapers and for lovers of unusual styles in design

Aurora system will be appropriate in the fitness rooms, beauty salons, private medical centers, etc. It is advisable to use partitions for expectation rooms at airports, railway stations, information and reference desks, booths for administrative workers of different services

Partitions Aurora will be a good choice for people who are opened to dialogue,
like to experiment,
love freedom and space


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