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Onyx is an aluminum system characterized by proportionality and geometric forms.
It combines straight lines and delicate silhouette

Komandor wardrobe with Onyx sliding system

Profiles are designed for the insert
with the thickness:

  • 4 mm
  • 4,6 mm
  • 5 mm
  • 6 mm
  • 10 mm

Materials for the facade
can be:

  • panels from the natural wood
  • chipboards
  • MDF boards
  • plastic
  • safe glass of different types (transparent, opaque, varnished, etc.)
  • mirrors

Enormous technical capabilities of this system constantly increase it popularity among the customers

Onyx system
enables producing of the

  • sliding doors
  • pivoting doors
  • slanted doors
  • interior partitions

Standard profile length – 2750 mm
(5000 mm for Anode
Shades AN and AS)
width – 32 mm

sizes of Onyx profiles by Komandor

Minimum door width –
400 mm

Maximum sliding doors width with the insert from board is 1200 mm,
from glass/mirror –
1000 mm

sizes of sliding doors in Komandor cupboards

Maximum width of the pivoting doors is 600 mm

Minimum doors width is
300 mm

sizes of pivoting doors in Komandor cupboards

Having calculated the proper loading and optimal price we do recommend to install the doors with the width of 700-800 mm

recommendations concerning wardrobe assembly

Onyx system is availible
in 3 colors:

  • AN - Anode Natural
  • AS - Anode Champagne
  • AA - Anode Antique

colours of Onyx system from Komandor

Rollers designed according to the innovative
technology became the unique peculiarity
of all the Komandor systems

Bottom roller

Top roller

Casters made of soft plastic on the top rollers
ensure quiet work of the mechanism

The bottom rollers are made
of wear-resistant plastic
and have bearings

«Anti-jumping» system prevents the door
from falling out of the track

An additional advantage of sliding mechanisms is the ability to adjust the door

advantages of Komandor rollers

Rollers in Onyx system are hidden from both sides, so you can use a transparent glass as a door insert,
what is extremely important for interior partitions

filling for wardrobes-compartments and partition walls

Such option will be appropriate
as for small rooms
because visually enlarges the area,
so for the spacious rooms
in country houses,
cottages, offices

There are 2 types of tracks
in the system:



If necessary, the bottom track
can be embed in the floor

or inserted in the floor covering
(carpet covering, laminate)

It is possible
to mount Comfort touch springs
which easily slow down the doors
and carefully close it

door air springs from Komandor

There is the possibility to fix a buffer brush
of various length on vertical profile for protection
of the walls or side panels

buffer strip for sliding wardrobes

The buffer brush is used for preventing:

1) dust inside the wardrobe

2) for the doors protection from swinging and from each other during the movement

For more convenient door opening
there is a possibility of attaching
the funnel handles

of different lengths

handle for comfortable opening of sliding doors
combining of insert in wardrobe doors

For combining of the different types of insert in one door the connection
profile is used

Also, there is a possibility in this system
to reproduce unusual shapes on the doors
using the bending connecting profile

оздоблення фасаду шафи

For wardrobe facade ornamentation
decorative batten is often used
for imitation of doors separation
into smaller segments

Decorative batten is attached
to a homogeneous insert (board, glass, mirror)
vertically, horizontally
or at an angle

In Onyx system there is an opportunity to install:

1) Lock for door interlock with rosette;
2) Door vertical lock;
3) Sliding door lock;
4) Electronic lock

It will be useful to mount the locks in the wardrobes-compartments
for the safe storage of the documents and valuables
and in order to protect your children and keep them from injuring by the doors

Onyx system includes the installation of lock-block for the aluminum doors

The uniqueness of the lock is the ability to simultaneously block 3 cabinet doors

The lock is very simple and ergonomic and is fixed at the bottom or connecting profile at any door height

lock for Komandor cupboards

Metallic hues and profile symmetry contribute to the popularity of the system among the customers as make it possible to implement a wide range of stylistic combinations specific to interior design of different periods

wide stylish possibilities of Onyx system from Komandor

Onyx system will organically fit in the interiors as of private houses so a variety of offices, hotels, restaurants, shops and other institutions where there is a need in wardrobe-compartment or interior partition installation

Special appearance to Onyx system provide rectangular endings and smooth bending of vertical profile. Units of furniture made using this system will create a harmonious combination with the rest of the furniture in the room and will provide your interior with expressiveness while the construction will get lightness and weightlessness

cute interior with Komandor products


a wardrobe on