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Topaz sliding system from Komandor

Topaz is a narrow frame profile system for furnishing small niches with the height up to 1800 mm

small niches furnishing

Modern and stylish appearance
of Topaz profile makes it
the best solution for using in
all sorts of constructions

Profiles designed for
the insert with the thickness:

  • 4 mm
  • 4,6 mm
  • 10 mm

Materials for the facade
can be:

  • panels from the natural wood
  • chipboards
  • MDF boards
  • plastic
  • safe glass of different types (transparent, opaque, varnished, etc.)
  • mirrors

System gives the opportunity to produce:

  • sliding doors
  • pivoting doors which are opened aside
  • pivoting doors which are opened up

sliding and pivoting doors in Topaz system

Standard profile size:
length – 2750 mm
width – 26 mm

groove – 4 mm (Topaz 1)
or 10 mm (Topaz 2)

sizes of Topaz system profile from Komandor

Size of sliding doors in Topaz system:

height – 200-1000 mm
width – 240-1200 mm

sizes of sliding doors in Topaz system from Komandor

Parameters of pivoting doors in Topaz system:

height – 400-1800 mm
width – 200-500 mm

sizes of pivoting doors in Topaz system from Komandor

Topaz system is available in color Anode Natural (AN) and Anode Champagne (AS), which are considered to be ones of the most popular shades among the customers. Harmoniously fits as to classical constructions so the modern apartments

usage of Topaz system in modern furniture

Rollers designed according to the innovative technology became the unique peculiarity of all the Komandor systems.
Casters made of soft plastic provide silent work of the mechanism

advantages of Komandor rollers

Rollers are made of wear-resistant plastic
and have bearings

«Anti-jumping» system on the bottom rollers prevents the door from falling out of the track

Additional advantage of sliding mechanisms is the ability to adjust the door height

Komandor sliding mechanisms

Rollers in Topaz system are hidden from both sides,
so you can use a transparent glass
as a door insert material

possibilities of Topaz system from Komandor

Hinges in Topaz system are made from the highest quality materials, guaranteeing the reliability and longevity of your construction

door hinges for wardrobes, entresols and nightstands

Tracks in the system are of 2 types: single and double

There is a possibility to install a universal stopper in the top track

rails in Topaz system

In the doors which have been made using Topaz system single aluminum handles can be mounted

door handles for products in Topaz system

Profiles Topaz are widely used while production of small standing and wall cabinets, mezzanines, closets, cabinets, showcases, drawers, boxes, hanging shelves and other cabinet furniture where you want to close only one part of the construction

applying of Topaz system for cabinet furniture production

It will be better to use this system for furnishing kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways and office facilities where there is a need for small niche furnishing

arrengement of kitchens, salons, bathrooms and hallways with Topaz system from Komandor

Furniture units with Topaz system can be placed separately or be part of the construction,
such as dressing-room, for instance.
The main thing for furniture is to be harmoniously combined with the other furniture and room design

furnishings using Topaz system from Komandor

Profile shape of proper square will be the best choice for people who like symmetry and geometric forms and combined with the interesting color decisions on the furniture facade Topaz system will be an excellent option for furnishing your kitchen or bathroom


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