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Exclusive system offered by Komandor company. It includes producing of hanged or sliding doors without a profile. Reliable fixing and sliding mechanisms ensure the furniture strength and endurance. Light cellular plate which provides a solid and luxurious door appearance without overloading, serves as the partition facade. It will definitely fit for the premises, executed in "Loft" or Scandinavian style, for which the use of wood and metal are inherent, also combination of clear forms with the vastness and naturalness are characteristic features of these styles. Aero system shows all the beauty of wood without the unnecessary details: constructions, made using this system, will impress you with the attractive appearance and amazing exploitation performance.


Innovative solution for the premises zoning and redevelopment . Aurora is a system of partitions made of aluminum and safety glass. Aluminum profiles provide the construction reliability, and glass panels optically increase the area. Partitions can be connected at any angle, thus creating great opportunities for the designer's experiments. Aurora partitions give you an opportunity to divide the room into functional areas: kitchen - living room, bedroom - workshop, reception-room - study, main room - private workplace. Partitions can be used in residential and commercial buildings, in the houses, offices, banks, law and insurance companies, etc. Aurora System is a perfect choice in the case when you have to divide the room into smaller sections.

Hanging system

It will be the perfect solution for making the interior partitions and furnishing of non-conventional constructions. Using of the hanging system will be especially appropriate for huge and spacious rooms. Depending on the functional tasks you can order hanging doors with the single (identical on each side of the facade) and double insert (different on both sides of the door). This system allows implementing of the most creative designer's ideas and to combine a variety of materials on the façade and structural features of the system will help you to use the doors in the most convenient and comfortable way. Interior in which the hanging system is used will certainly impress by its originality, elegance and luxury.

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