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If you have any questions about the activity or products of Komandor Company, you would like to give your feedback or share your thoughts and ideas, please call the hot-line  0 800 501 601, send us e-mail​ or leave a comment on our website.

KOMANDOR S.A. - Ukraine Department
 79900 Lviv, 32 Doroshenka str.
 Infoline: 0 800 501 601

KOMANDOR S.A. Poland (Warszaw)
 Poland, 01-138 Warszawa, ul. Powstańców Sląskich 5

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Our team Catch every moment of inspiration. Professionals can do everything

Our team is a talented team of professionals with common goals and values. Each employee is an important part in the whole company work, each of them makes everything for flourishing, growth and success of our company. We are responsible for the results of our work facing our customers and for the fulfillment of our obligations concerning our business partners. We try as much as possible to save your time and money and we ensure that with the help of our team of professional managers you will decide all your questions very quickly.
Our working experience , focus on results, responsibility, commitment help us to understand better market needs and to maintain high quality standards of customers and partner service...We could follow the pattern and introduce ourselves something like this

It's certainly true, but we would like to tell you about us in more original, sincere and open way

Working for you:

Daniel Gurnyak

– Head of Komandor S.A. Eastern Europe Export Department

works under the technological development of the company in Eastern Europe; he is responsible for the coordinated work of all the divisions of the department. Daniel is famous because of his considerable communication skills and he easily generates creative ideas and he always knows everything about the new technologies. He is interested in innovations, keen on football, adores good music and pleasant company

Oleksiy Kashpurenko

– Chief and Head of the Information Department of Komandor SA- Ukraine

he is responsible for the department strategy development, works under Komandor software support; he is a real magician when works under the code, and a real errors killer; he creates new and exciting mechanisms of presenting information on the site, he knows all answers on all questions in different areas. He is Interested in macroeconomics, psychology and design. He wants to make the lives of all the people better and tries to make this dream come true

Valentine Popivchak

– Marketing

she is responsible for developing the company's network in Ukraine Komandor and communication with the offices and clients;
She leads active lifestyle and is full of optimism, extremely quickly she finds the best way for communicating and getting acquainted with the new people, regardless of their age, gender and ideology. She is fond of good music and traveling. She loves gardening and all kinds of creative activities

Julija Koshtovska

– Designer

she is responsible for the magic images, Julia shows you the beauty of the pictures and gives birth to new graphic material , due to her light hand and creativity objects on the images become alive, photo galleries flourish and presentations please your eye. She loves to travel, to learn something new, communicate with people and to impress them with her creativity

Olga Mytrukhina

– Marketing

editor of the site and talented author, she also wrote the text you are reading now (yes, I am really, really very modest!). She is fond of dancing, traveling and adores the beauty of the world. She likes psychology and people with a sense of humor

We all are different, we have different views, values and experiences, our tastes differ, we often discuss different points and argue, but it is all together enables us to become better, to create a truly unique product and to help our partners and customers. Every day of our work is not like the previous one, because every day we have new exciting and interesting challenges and find  opportunities for their immediate solving, we find new ideas and ways of their implementation into reality. We are guided by the mottoes: " Catch every moment of inspiration " and " Professionals can do everything ." We sincerely hope that results of our work will be useful for you. We are open to dialogue, so we are willing to help you and answer all your questions (smile)

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