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AREA ORGANIZATION. Choosing of Room Color

As you may already know color is the wave of different length. Each wave is recognized by various parts of the brain. The perception of color depends on the range and of psychophysical state of the person. Color and light influence our mood, health and physiology. Of course, everyone has own preferences regarding colors, but all the colors influence us in different ways. However, we do not recommend simply to paint your room in your favorite color, just imagine how it might look like…

First, consider how much light gets to this room. It all depends on the location of the room concerning the cardinal points. Because, even during the day light in your room will vary. If you have the possibility to observe the shades of light in the room during the day, you will be able to see the next changes: pink prevails in the morning, blue at lunch time and in the evening - purple-red will be the main color.

Geography also influences the room coloristic. For example, in cloudy and rainy cities in the UK and Sweden sunny days are really rare, so there is a lack of natural light in the houses what causes dark tones in the dwelling. The so-called Scandinavian style comes from the Nordic countries. Its characteristic features are: large windows, white walls and some bright accents in the interior.

The moment you should pay special attention on is type of paint: matte or glossy. Matte colors absorb light, but add depth and softness, and the glossy colors - on the contrary, reflect light and attract attention. Also consider the room area when you choose the color.

Light influences the color greatly. So let's think about the position of your room. The eastern and northern rooms get less sunlight thus seem cold and dark. Southern and Western rooms get more sunlight.

One more thing you should keep in mind is the usage of the room. For example, is this a lounge for having some rest, you would like to sleep there or to gather the whole family in the evening? In general, all these nuances influence the choice of your room color.

Saturated colors are suitable for rooms that are little used. For example: dressing rooms, living rooms, kitchens…

Blue room helps you to relax, to feel comfortable and quiet, and in the red room you will feel tense, all your life rhythms accelerate. However, most people are quite conservative in choosing room colors. The favorite one is beige, but why not to add a little more color in our rooms?

First, "try on" the color. In order to do this paint a small section of the wall in the corner. So you will be able to see at once how light will be reflected and shadows look. Apply the paint twice in order to hide the natural color of the wall.

If you want to "spice up" room, then use contrasting colors. What kind of colors? All the colors that are opposite each other in the color spectrum are contrast colors, for example blue is contrast for yellow, orange for magenta, red for green. By placing contrasting colors together you can intensify their saturation.

Important is a landscape outside the window, because the color of the environment also interacts with the color of the room.

So, what emotions can basic colors bring? Let's summarize:

  • Red - bright, passionate, blood, war, fire;
  • Pink - tender, romantic, leads to daydreaming;
  • Orange - cheerful, joyful, stimulating appetite;
  • Yellow - solar, optimistic, but in large amounts can cause irritation and provoke quarrels;
  • Green - natural, brings balance and harmony;
  • Blue - calms and lulls.

For instance, blue color is used for painting the spacecrafts so the area seems larger. In the interior of fast-food establishments warm and bright colors (orange, red, yellow) dominate- for the visitors, who had their quick snack, did not stay in the cafe for a long period of time. This proves that color really affects our mood.

Color affects the architecture of the room. If the ceiling in the room is rather high, you need to visually lower it by painting it and a baguette (part of the wall) in saturated color. In this way you can get a cozy room.

Make bright accents in the room using colored blocks, and the rest of the area paint in neutral tone.

So, taking into consideration the placement of the room, its purpose and the landscape outside the window, you can choose the color and related shades. Implement your dreams into life and create the unique design of your own house.

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