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Room Area Organization. How to start?

There are certain rules of the room space organization that you can use in design of your own house. And it's the matter of fact that these rules work. Everything is based on the way we think, feel and see.

A room with the high ceiling always gives you the feeling of large space. Typically huge space is a proof of wealth. The desire to have more space available encourages us to climb higher and higher on the property ladder. But unfortunately the reality is that we do not live in large homes. Most of us till nowadays live in the houses built in the 50th years. That means that our homes are small and are not well illuminated. So if you cannot move the wall physically we recommend you to use our advices that will help you to visually increase the space.

First we take out from the room all the things in order to have a clear idea about the real amount of space. Choose the right color for the walls. From the article "Selection of the room color" you will learn about what influences on the determination of the correct shade of paint. A lot of things visually minimize the room area, so you should get rid of unnecessary ones. The same also concerns the furniture because it can divide space and create boundaries between the floor, ceiling and walls. When your painted room is empty it seems much larger. It is clear that minimalistic style is not suitable for our conditions so we have a lot of related things: TV, computer, toys, furniture ... And often the same room performs several functions: it is a room for games, for guests, office, etc. In such rooms things, colors and different ornaments come into conflict. So later we'll talk about how to achieve harmony in the room without losing its spatiality.

There are practical tricks that can optically "move" the walls. Come into the room. Think about all the things here. What are they for? If possible eliminate things that you no longer need. Designers say: the problem of a large number of things can be solved using modern spacious wardrobes and decorative boxes which you can also sit on. In this way you can avoid mess and the room will be tidier. If there is a low ceiling in your room try to avoid textures and bright colors in it, because such things attract your look. We do recommend light floor, which perfectly reflects the light not absorbing it.

Placement of flooring and wall colors also have meaning:

  • diagonal lines on the floor amplify the perception of width;
  • horizontal lines increase the depth and length;
  • vertical lines on the walls make you look up thus reinforcing the sense of height;
  • horizontal lines and paintings, cornices - reduce height, but visually increase the width;
  • bright color increases the width of the room;
  • colored walls along the room create the effect of the corridor;
  • respectively, vivid color on the ceiling or floor, as well as textures will reduce the feeling of space, absorb light.

In a small room area it is recommended to focus on one large picture. Looking at it you will not notice how low is the ceiling and where are the corners of the room. Maximum light is one of the main rules of increasing the visual space.

Windows are our mediators between the inside and outside world. If we need a lot of glass and light it requires a lot of funds and is considered as a luxury.

In the twentieth century there was a turning point concerning glass. In contrast to the Victorian era, when windows were hid behind the curtains nowadays the light is actively invited inside the room. Rooms with plenty of glass are always in fashion. And even small rooms have potential. One more tip: if possible place behind the window an object which will attract an eye - such as ornamental tree.

So your look will always focus on the scenery outside the window and the area will look larger and visibility will be better. As you know, the basic architectural standards were created according to the proportions of the perfect human body. In small rooms we feel enclosed, and in too large you can feel yourself too sensitive. It is more comfortable for us to sit with the back against the wall, because our back in this case is protected and we can visually control the whole area around us. Therefore, it is advisable to divide the large room into sections with the help of partitions. On the website section Partitions you can get all the needed information about the peculiarities of room zoning.

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