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Magnetyt system

steel modern system with the convenient profile shape

steel sliding system Magnetyt by Komandor

Profiles designed for the insert
with the thickness:

  • 4 mm
  • 4,6 mm
  • 10 mm
the width of doors filling in wardrobes-compartments

Materials for the facade
can be:

  • panels from the natural wood
  • chipboards
  • MDF boards
  • plastic
  • safe glass of different types (transparent, matt, varnished, etc.)
  • mirrors

Magnetyt system
enables producing of the

sliding doors

sliding doors with Magnetyt sliding system

Standard profile length is 2750 mm,
width is 32 mm.
We also offer vertical profile
with the length 2550 mm

height in standart wardrobes with Komandor steel sliding system

Maximum width of one door with the insert from board is 1200 mm,
from mirror/glass – 1000 mm;
minimum doors width is 550 mm

what doors sizes are in Komandor wardrobes

Having calculated the proper loading and optimum price we do recommend to install the doors with the width 700 up to 800 mm

optimal door width in wardrobes-compertments

Magnetyt system is available in 8 colors:

Matt Gold (MZ)
Matt Silver (MS)
Cherry Tree (WI)
Wenge (WE)
White (BI)
Wallnut (OR)
Black (CZ)
Inox (IN)

colors of Magnetyt sliding system

Rollers are sliding mechanisms and fundamental elements of any wardrobe-compartment construction.
Of the rollers quality mostly depends furniture reliability and durability

on what depends furniture reliability and durability

Rollers designed according to the innovative technology are the unique peculiarity of all the Komandor systems.

Casters made of soft plastic on the upper rollers ensure quiet work of the mechanism

what is the advantage of Komandor rollers

Rollers are made of wear - resistant plastic and have bearings.
Due to the special technology of rollers design the doors can't fall out of the rail.

An additional advantage of sliding mechanisms is the ability to adjust the door height

what are the rollers of sliding systems made from

Rollers in Magnetyt system are hidden from both sides, so you can use a transparent glass as a door insert, what is vitally important for interior partitions

rollers in Magnetyt steel sliding system

Such solution is suitable as for small rooms because visually enlarges the area, so for the spacious rooms in the country houses, cottages, offices

Rails in the system
are double.

In system it is possible to install Comfort Touch springs that easily slow down the door and gently close it

door air springs by producer of wardrobes Komandor

It is possible to install the universal stopper in the upper part of the construction

stopper for the doors of sliding wardrobe

There is the possibility to fix buffer stripe of various length on vertical profile for protection of the walls or side panels

what the buffer strip is and what is its designation

buffer brush is used for preventing dust penetration inside the wardrobe

for protection of the door ends from the hitting during the exploitation

Magnetyt system
includes the installation
of lock-block for the doors:

1) Sliding door lock;
2) Electronic lock;

It will be useful to mount the locks in the wardrobes-compartments
for the safe storage of the documents and valuables
and in order to protect your children and keep them from injuring by the doors

For wardrobe facade ornamentation the decorative batten is often used for imitation of the doors separation into smaller elements

how is it possible to decorate the facade of wardrobe-compartments

For combining of the different types of insert in one door the connection profile is used

variants of Komandor furniture facades design

Magnetyt System will organically fit the interiors as of private dwellings (houses and apartments), so of different offices, hotels, restaurants, shops and other facilities where wardrobe-compartment installation is needed

practice use of sliding system Magnetyt

Special features of Magnetyt system which differ it from the others are attractive profile shape and it functional characteristics.
High steel quality and color palette of Magnetyt profiles will help you to masterly furnish different types of apartments depending on your wishes, tastes and desire

advantages of Magnetyt steel sliding system by Komandor

Combining Magnetyt profiles with the appropriate insert you will be able to recreate rational and at the same time practical interior styles


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